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San Francisco PedicabsWe are always looking for additional riders to join our team. Are you looking for an opportunity to be self-employed, set your own hours, and control your own income? An opportunity offering maximum flexibility with earnings limited only by your effort and ability? We may be your solution!

Pedicab riding allows a flexible schedule and provides a great opportunity to make an above average income. You have an opportunity to manage yourself, and therefore, we request that only those who take managing themselves and their commitments seriously, apply.

Pedicab riding can be physically demanding, however we have riders with less than 20 hours bike riding experience making great money. Physical conditioning can be a benefit, but your ability to interact with the public is much more important.

Pedicab experience is not required, but does increase the chances of you qualifying for an opportunity. Other forms of bicycle experience and athletic backgrounds are also considered. We're looking for outgoing, people-friendly riders first and foremost, so please send us an email below, explaining why you want to be a pedicab rider and what makes you an ideal match for us.